Green Pledge

As part of the initiative “Leaders for Climate Action” GameDuell has committed to the Green Pledge and the goal to achieve Goal 13 on Climate Action from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which says that global net CO2 emissions must drop by 45% between 2010 and 2030 in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C. GameDuell’s mission is to “Bring people together to have a good time with games”, and we cannot fulfill our vision if we don’t protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future.

The carbon clock is ticking...

In our industrial age, the emission of Greenhouse gases such as CO2 plays a decisive role when considering climate change. Sources of CO2 emissions include activities from every con­ceivable area: mobility, production, consumption, food, and so on. A life without CO2 emissions is not possible. As the CO2 content increases, nature will no longer be able to process the excess amount and the atmosphere will become increasingly impermeable to the long-wave thermal radiation reflected by the earth, which leads to a rise in temperature (greenhouse effect). Surpassing the limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius average global temperature rise transforms a gradual, linear process into a very steep, exponential progression. An example would be the loss of the complete ice mass or rainforest as well as an average global temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius resulting in a devastating effect for all life on earth.

The climate clock is ticking. Scientists agree we have just a few years left to reach zero emissions.

Implementation and commitment
to sustainable climate actions are the key

Flights, heating, servers, and energy are some of the biggest producers of CO2 that a games company, such as GameDuell, generates in its business processes. We are rethinking our business processes and are putting effort into drastically reducing our CO2 footprint.

We are also working on internal information to encourage our team members to be aware of their own impact on the environment including tips to help them reduce their carbon footprint, ways to be greener while traveling, and to achieve zero waste.

Our four green pillars

Reduce waste and emissions to a minimum
Say no to unnecessary waste and emissions and strive for alternatives
Separate garbage and use recycled products
Contribute to carbon emission offsetting programs

What we achieved so far during our daily business processes

Minimizing the carbon footprint of our office
  • We switched to a sustainable office material supplier with recycled material for the office and our kitchen
  • We make sure that we are buying fair trade and environmentally friendly coffee, milk + non dairy alternatives, fruit, gifts and team clothing
  • We use environmental paper and climate-friendly printing methods and try to minimize our total print volume
  • We use cleaning agents that are at least 98% biodegradable.

Optimizing our waste hierarchy:
  • We separate paper, plastic, glass, and organic waste
  • We save more than 17,000 plastic bottles per year: We introduced water dispensers to reduce plastic waste and to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by, for example, bottle transport
  • We make our company events as environmentally friendly as possible (e.g. by using biodegradable plates, bowls, & cutlery)

Inspiring others:
  • We are part of the initiative “Leaders for Climate Action” and committed to the Green Pledge and the goal to achieve Goal 13 on Climate Action from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We are members of the initiative “Playing for the planet”, an initiative that is facilitated with the support of the UN Environment Programme. In this initiative, gaming companies reach out to their players to address the world’s biggest environmental challenges and inspire them to take action for the environment. For that reason, we have been taking part in the “Mobile Green Game Jams”, where we have been implementing green activations into our games to educate and activate our users, and plan to also take part in future “Mobile Green Game Jams”.

Energy management:
  • Both our office and the data center with our servers are running on green energy, using certified wind and hydroelectric power
  • We use mainly energy efficient computers.

Minimizing emissions through travelling:
  • We encourage our team to come to the office by bike - there are over 50 bike racks and a private bike storage available.
  • By changing the travel policy to a more climate-friendly model, we cut down a huge chunk of company flights. Travel for all team members will be minimized to a necessary minimum, where possible conducted with environmentally friendly transport systems only.
  • We avoid domestic flights, opting rather for the train. Where flights are inevitable, we compensate for the emissions.

Offsetting and reducing CO2 emissions

In the first step, annual (or one-off) CO2 emissions must be calculated. Then the equivalent (e) amount of the emissions is invested in a climate protection project. Depending on the project, this can help to reduce emissions in a variety of ways, such as protecting at-risk carbon sinks or investing in technology to reduce emissions.

Although not generating emissions in the first place is ideal, certain emissions cannot be avoided at the present time and as such, we opt to offset these in order to have the maximum impact possible.

The rapidly advancing climate change leaves us no more time - we must take action now. Therefore, offsetting acts as a transition mechanism which enables us to build a sensible temporal bridge until CO2 avoidance is actually completed in Germany.

By carefully selecting projects that are sourced through an expert-in-field that is committed to transparency and carrying out due diligence, we can ensure that our funds are translated into meaningful ends and ensure a genuine offset of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

in black and white: on a desk a spilled coffee, a dried dead potted plant, on the left hand side of the screen an area with cut down trees
a blooming potted plant, a tidy clean desk, two plush fluffy birds, on the right hand side of the screen a green healthy forest

2021 + 2022

Calculating emissions is not easy, and like us many other companies in the games and digital industry have been struggling with the correct approach. There are many companies out there which offer consultancy and sell their services. We attended workshops and webinars, and have also been in exchange with the community of Leaders for Climate Action. We became aware that our past calculation methods included external emissions that are better omitted, in order to avoid double calculation. Instead, more can be achieved by talking with those who can influence and reduce these emissions directly. We followed the recommendations and our emissions therefore resulted in 1700 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions for both years.

2021 + 2022

  • To offset 90% of our emissions, we’re supporting the project "Safe Drinking Water for Schools in Nigeria". Through the installation, maintenance and repair of ceramic water filters in public schools, safe drinking water is provided and no longer has to be boiled at great expense, thus saving firewood. The project activities are financed solely through the sale of those emission reductions.
  • To offset the remaining 10% of our emissions we’re also supporting a reforestation project in Panama, which plants indigenous tree species, protects biodiversity, and provides training and education on sustainable forest use. It also includes a tree nursery for the production of seeds, and the planting and care of seedlings. This is managed exclusively by a women's initiative that was founded as part of the project. The project is registered under "Gold Standard".
  • For us a must have was that both projects fulfill the UN SDGs, and in particular include Goal 5 ("Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls").
  • We wanted to go even further, so on top of that we added another 10% as a donation to the peatland project of BUND Friends of the Earth Germany. Although they only cover 3% of the earth, peatlands store as much carbon as all of the world's forest regions combined. With the donation, BUND renatures and fosters peatlands, and lobbies on a political level for more peatland protection.


Our footprint in 2020 slightly increased to 1,465t CO2 in comparison to 2019. Most of this increase can be attributed to our customers playing more games during the pandemic, thus spending more time on their devices and using more energy. Our emissions include both direct sources such as energy use in our office and indirect emissions caused by users playing our games. The emissions are the equivalent of the carbon footprint of 298 people.

We will continue to further minimize our product's carbon footprint and also offset the residual emissions with certified projects so playing our games will stay a compensated experience.


For 2020 we offsetted 100% by supporting:
  • A biogas project in the Netherlands, where excess manure from local farms is turned into biogas which then is used for electricity generation
  • A Solar Water Heater Program in India which aims to disseminate solar water heaters in hospitals, schools, universities, and SMEs across India, providing a reliable supply of hot water at a reasonable cost and cutting down the energy consumption from domestic water heating
  • A Wind Energy Project in Gujarat, India, which feeds additional renewable energy to the electricity grids and therefore reduces air pollution emitted by fossil fuel power plants and increases the reliability of energy supply to the population. The project has created 40 jobs with average hourly earnings higher than the local level and with annual trainings regarding health and safety measures


For 2019 we went a step further and also added all of our external service providers and our actual users to the calculation. We calculated an emission of 1,225t CO2.The emissions correspond to:
  • 1920 round-trip flights from Hamburg to Mallorca
  • Annual Footprint of 227 People (world average)


For 2019 we offsetted 100% by supporting:
  • A biogas project in the Netherlands, where excess manure from local farms is turned into biogas which then is used for electricity generation
  • A clean water project in Zimbabwe, where access to safe and clean water is provided for the local households and communities. Because of the safe water supply, there is no need for boiling the water with the use of firewood
  • A cookstove project in Kenya, where locally produced fuel-efficient cookstoves are purchased and installed into rural communities, reducing the household wood consumption almost by half, saving CO2e from being released into the atmosphere


Our first calculation for 2018 revealed 292 t of CO2 emitted by our direct business processes, measured according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.The emissions correspond to:
  • A car ride of 824,075 km / 512,056 mi
  • The annual CO2 footprint of 32 European citizens
  • The annual CO2 binding of 21,228 beech trees


100% of CO2 offsetted:
  • For 2018, we offsetted our CO2 footprint by supporting the Forest Protection project in Santa Maria, Brazil, which preserves 71,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest, creates an ecosystem for animals and insects, and provides work and income for local people
  • Sustainable forest management ensures that sufficient biomass grows back and that the forest can regenerate. The entire project forest area is certified. Since they also demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions, they protect the climate.
in black and white: on a desk a spilled coffee, a dried dead potted plant, on the left hand side of the screen an area with cut down trees
a blooming potted plant, a tidy clean desk, two plush fluffy birds, on the right hand side of the screen a green healthy forest

Companies cannot be “climate neutral” in a system that is dependent on fossil resources. That’s why we have decided against using such labels and badges. We believe it is more important to be “climate responsible”, which means being aware of the footprint we leave in the world, to reduce our emissions as much as possible, and to compensate for the impact by making contributions to climate protection. This can be supporting projects that bring the global system closer towards greater energy efficiency or towards a use of renewable energies, or that actively remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

In order to reflect these efforts in our business, we have introduced a budget based on our emissions multiplied by the CO2 price. With this budget we are equipped with the necessary monetary resources to approach the challenges ahead. It enables us to measure and offset emissions, run workshops and events on green topics, make donations, and fund internal processes and decisions that bring us closer to our green goals. Of course, it's not just about funding: it’s about our DNA and thinking green first.

We are proud to be on a path to achieving the Green Pledge, taking many steps along the way to calculate and reduce our carbon footprint, and offsetting the remainder via high quality climate protection projects.

Act with us

With GameDuell you will become part of an ecologically and socially sustainable company and in our very own "Green Team" you can actively engage in implementing ideas and initiatives to help protect our environment.

  • As part of our GreenTeam you can directly participate in our many green initiatives
  • When buying our office supplies and food we pay attention to fair, biological, environmentally friendly and resource-friendly standards
  • We match your charity donations
  • Social responsibility begins with ourselves: our corporate culture is characterized by mutual trust and respect. In our open and international team we respect and welcome diversity
Sustainability is one of our 10 core values and is lived every day at GameDuell. Starting from the top, GameDuell’s founders Boris & Kai are also co-founders of Leaders for Climate Action, a Berlin based entrepreneurial community that drives climate action. This push to fight climate change is shared throughout the team, inspiring causes such as our internal “Green Team”, influencing travel & events, office supplies, and also contract negotiations with companies such as electricity suppliers, online servers, & recycling within the office.

The GameDuell Green Team is an open group for anyone who is interested in sustainability, environmental issues and climate activism. We meet regularly to discuss positive actions we can take to improve as a company and to find new ways to promote ecologically friendly behaviour. For example, this year we have taken steps to move as many of the resources used within our office to environmentally friendly suppliers who provide sustainable products, minimizing our impact as much as possible. We promote green travel with biking and walking initiatives, and provide vegan and vegetarian options at all of our events.

In addition to promoting environmental sustainability, the team is also involved in charity work and leads GameDuell's efforts in this area. We discuss how we can use our resources to help others and decide together which causes to donate to as a company.

Part of the GameDuell mission is providing a fun, enjoyable experience to all, and as such, we consider charitable action to be part of our broader mission. As of June 2023, GameDuell has donated €290,000 to handpicked charitable organizations over the years!

Co-Founder of GameDuell

"Supporting a sustainable way of living and working has been part of our mission from early on. We are happy that this movement has grown over time."

Kai Bolik, Co-Founder of GameDuell

Co-Founder of GameDuell

"We are very happy to be transforming into a games company that contributes to achieve global carbon neutrality, and to share our efforts. Let’s do it and have fun together on the way."

Boris Wasmuth, Co-Founder of GameDuell

Green Team Member

"I am happy to contribute to the Green Team at GameDuell as trying to be zero waste is part of my life. I am glad it can be also a part of my professional career."

Aga, Green Team Member

Leaders for Climate Action

"From day one GameDuell has been an active member of our community, not only implementing climate actions internally but also sharing the insights with others."

Anna, Leaders for Climate Action

Join our team today and help us in our mission to fulfill our Green Pledge - you can find all open positions here.

Want to know more about our Green Team, sustainability, or our measures to contribute to global climate protection? Contact us here.

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Green Pledge

Green Pledge

Green Pledge