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In August, took part in the “Playing for the Planet” initiative, a program supported by the United Nations Environment Program. Alongside major players in the world of mobile gaming and as part of the Green Mobile Game Jam, joined a week-long challenge to inform players of climate change-related topics. plays for the planet

Upon opening their apps, players were invited to take part in a daily quiz. The questions posed provided the opportunity for players to learn more about environment-related topics with the possibility to earn some bonus chips. A total of more than 47 million chips were distributed for free to 150,000 participants. And now it's your turn to take part in our quiz to find out whether you are a green Belote player.

It's your turn. Are you a green Belote player?

Are you an expert ecologist?

Find out by answering our 7 green questions!

Question 1: Do you have a green thumb? plays for the planet

Correct Answer: Both are correct!

Many natural fertilizers will provide your plants with the nutrients they need. Among the easiest to use at home are banana peels, coffee grounds, cooking water, and eggshells.

Just enough to perk up your plants while reducing cost and respecting nature!

Question 2: Hello, Doctor! plays for the planet

Correct Answer: B!

When thrown in the trash (or worse, down the toilet), your expired medicines could pollute soils, rivers, and groundwater, and would harm biodiversity.

Remember to return medicines to a pharmacy for reuse. Each year, more than 7,000 homes are powered and heated by recycled medicines!

Question 3: Plastic is… plays for the planet

Correct Answer: B!

It's no longer a secret that plastic is the number 1 enemy to the environment. Non-biodegradable, it affects our soils, seas, rivers, and oceans in the long term, as well as the health of all living things on our planet.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions. Why not opt for paper, bamboo, glass, or even metal? The planet will thank you!

Question 4: How do you consume responsibly? plays for the planet

Correct Answer: Buy second-hand!

Waiting for the sales is a great way to get a good deal, but turning to the second-hand market also helps avoid overconsumption and will help to reduce waste production.

Question 5: Water is life! plays for the planet

Correct answer: 3 bottles of water!

That’s right! It takes 3 bottles of water to produce a plastic water bottle. By consuming tap water, you save money and avoid wasting this vital resource! Consuming tap water in France[AK1] is safe (unless otherwise specified by your municipality). It is drinkable and naturally rich in mineral salts. It's time to put an end to those heavy cases of bottled water!

Question 6: Laundry time plays for the planet

Correct answer: Heat the water!

Yes, 80% of the energy consumed by your washing machine is used to heat the water. By doing your laundry at a lower temperature (30°), you save energy and preserve the quality of your clothes. It will not be any less clean and your laundry will do the rest!

Question 7: Energy savings plays for the planet

Correct Answer: A and B!

It’s pointless lighting an empty space. Turning lights off when leaving a room does good for the planet. Installing LED lightbulbs will also save costs. LED lightbulbs consume 80% less electricity than conventional light bulbs and have a much longer life span.

We hope you enjoyed this quiz! Find out how you scored...

Your score:

• You answered 7 questions correctly: Congratulations, it's a capot! has nothing to teach you because you are already an ecology ace!

• You answered between 4 and 6 questions correctly: When it comes to caring for our planet, you are a solid ecologist.

• You answered between 1 and 3 questions correctly: You are on the right track! Ecology is a topic you refuse to ignore. Soon you’ll be able to declare yourself an ecology King or Queen!

• You didn’t answer any questions correctly: There’s still room for improvement, but you can learn by playing!

Thank you for taking part! As a thank you, we’re giving you 200 chips to play a free game on

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At, taking care of the planet does pay off!