Family & Friends Inside BBQ Picnic

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Picture a rainy and cold Friday morning. It didn’t feel like June, it didn’t feel like summer at all. But we didn’t let that stop us! On Friday, June 16 we had our annual Family & Friends BBQ and a little rain wasn’t going to change that! Family & Friends Inside BBQ Picnic

So we decided to set up a picnic in our lounge instead. Complete with a lawn (fake, but still very nice), lots of cushions, picnic blankets, and tons of balloons!
Admittedly it did not look like that for long. Since it was a Family & Friends event, there were lots of kids running around and playing with the balloons until every last one had floated to the ceiling. To clarify, the balloons floated and not the kids! But they had a great time!
Since you can’t have a barbecue inside, the wonderful caterers fired up the grill on our rooftop terrace. The buffet stayed inside along with all the drinks and hungry people!

Family & Friends Inside BBQ PicnicFamily & Friends Inside BBQ Picnic The food was delicious, everyone had a great time, and after the kids went to bed the rest of us danced our way into the night… If you want to be a part of our next awesome team event, take a look at the open positions we have right now and we might see you there ;)