GameDuell Donates to Skate-Aid Charity

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GameDuell Donates to Skate-Aid Charity

GameDuell is proud to announce its most recent charity recipient: We have donated 2,500 Euros for the organization founded by the German skate guru, Titus Dittman. Our donation will go towards repairing the Shangilia Skate Park in Nairobi, Kenya.

The funds could not have arrived at a more vital time. "The park is already in need of some maintenance and the coming wet season isn't going to help. The donation from GameDuell was perfectly timed. We'd like to send our thanks to Berlin. Just great", said Aurielo and Kiaro, volunteers participating in the repair work.

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Skate-Aid is an organization operating under the Titus Dittman Foundation which provides support for children in conflict areas all around the world by introducing them to skateboarding. It is their belief that skateboarding not only unites and promotes a sense of identity and purpose in the development of young people, but it also brings about equality and a stable social environment enabling growth in self-confidence and self-worth.

"A huge thank you to GameDuell in Berlin for the 2,500 Euros donation which will be used by us at Skate-Aid to restore Shangilia Skate Park in Nairobi, Kenya to its former glory! We send a thank you to Berlin", cheers Titus Dittman.

For more information about skate-aid, visit their website here.

GameDuell Donates to Skate-Aid Charity