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Illuminating Berlin!Berliner Dom (Cathedral) with Television Tower to the right

As night falls earlier and earlier in autumn and plunges the city into darkness, Berlin is transformed into a wonderland of colorful “light art” for the annual Festival of Lights Berlin from October 10 - 19. For 10 days each October, famous historic city landmarks, monuments, buildings and places are illuminated with artistic light installations. Converting the city into what feels like a gigantic exhibition space, international and local artists present their ideas, stories and messages into artful displays using 3D art, projections, video art or illuminations.

Illuminating Berlin!Brandenburger Tor

Started in 2005, the Festival of Lights has since become one of the largest illumination festivals in the world, captivating the attention of Berliners and visitors alike. With numerous ways to enjoy the light displays (organized “light seeing” tours, by foot, bike, bus or boat) it’s an incredible way to see the sights of Berlin in a completely unique and different atmosphere.

Illuminating Berlin!Konzerthaus Berlin (Concert House)

The annual Festival of Lights is yet another event which makes Berlin an incredible city to live and work in. For more videos, photos and information, visit the official website of Festival of Lights Berlin.