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No, we haven’t gone cuckoo. But you might think so once you feast your eyes on our new game Fluffy - play now! After several extensive test-flights, we’re ready to let our colorful fluff balls take to the skies. So without further ado, we are proud to present GameDuell’s newest creation.

In Fluffy, you shift and slide rows and columns to form groups of three or more like-colored birdies, and the more you connect the merrier! The freed birdies will fly away and you’ll receive points. To spice it up, you’ll be fulfilling different missions that will earn you eggs. Think you can connect three eggs? If you can, baby birdies will hatch and you’ll proceed to the next level.

Fluffy is cute, cuddly and easy to play. We’re sure you’ll especially love creating chain reactions. They’re created when groups of birdies are cleared and the ones above them fall to the free space, creating more groups.

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