Relaunching Rummy: what’s new?

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| by Olga | published under Games

Last week, one of the most popular GameDuell games, Rummy, was finally re-launched on our website

Relaunching Rummy: what’s new?

Launched in German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish, the new version of Rummy offers its players a sophisticated Art Nouveau inspired design, a simplified navigation, an improved feedback system, and new game rules that allow the players to have a second chance in case they’ve timed out. On top of that, since the new version of the game was entirely developed in HTML5, Rummy can now be played cross-platform between the mobile and desktop users.

Relaunching Rummy: what’s new?

Rummy is one of the world’s most popular card games based on one simple idea: getting rid of every card you have at hand by placing or melding them in sets or runs on the table. The rule is to draw a card from one of the two existing piles, placing that card, melding it or replacing it with a joker, and then discarding one card. You can read the full rules of the game here.

In order to celebrate the release of the new Rummy game, we will be having a barbecue on our rooftop terrace on June 12, where we will also have our own Rummy tournament. Celebrate with us by checking out Rummy and stay tuned!

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