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| by Olga | published under Events

The Nordic countries have a fast-growing gaming market, enriched by many talented game developers and designers. This makes Scandinavia one of the best locations to produce and play games, so GameDuell is heading there to see what’s up!

GameDuell goes Nordic

From May 20-22th, we will visit the largest and the most relevant game conference in Northern Europe – Nordic Game – taking place in Malmö, Sweden. There, GameDuell will have a recruiting booth on site, where the participants will be able to get some information about our job opportunities. Right now, we’re offering around 45 open positions, particularly in the fields of game development and design, art and graphics, product and project management, as well as IT, product analytics, and data engineering.

Our Product Manager Mobile, Daniel Kromand, will be present at Nordic Game to answer any questions about working at GameDuell. He will also hold a speech on designing mass-market multiplayer games for mobile devices.

Multiplayer games constantly show better results in players’ involvement and motivation, and yet they make up just a small fraction of the mobile market. Daniel Kromand will analyse the reason for that. He will highlight the main challenges faced by developers when creating a compelling multiplayer gaming experience for mobile device users. Daniel will also examine both successful and unsuccessful design patterns of already existing multiplayer games, illuminating their strong and weak points, and comparing them to some of the game prototypes developed at GameDuell. The visitors will get the chance to learn how game design should be customised to fit the needs and the usage patterns of a mass-market audience, in order to become globally successful.

Schedule: 20 - 22 May, Starting at 9:00. Check out the full programme at Nordic Game.