Gardening in the office? Why not!

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Office. The word that draws a picture of a dull grey cubicle in a dusty city centre. The word that makes you tired and bored. The word that represents routine and monotony… but not at GameDuell! Here, the office life is bright and exciting as there’s always something happening, either table tennis tournaments, or birthday singings, or eat-that-cake marathons – you name it. One of the latest additions to the GameDuell life is Little Diggers – an initiative coming from our team members who decided to set up a garden on the rooftop terrace and further contribute to the green philosophy here at GameDuell.

Gardening in the office? Why not!

Little Diggers is a gardening group that took over the responsibility for cultivating plants in the office. On a weekly basis, the group members come together in the fresh air on the rooftop terrace where they grow flowers, vegetables, berries, and herbs. So far, since it’s only in the end of May when the weather in Berlin finally started to be more sun-generous, the initiative is at its initial stage: the pots have been filled with soil and the flowers have just been planted. “We are still waiting for the cucumbers to arrive, though”, adds Miriam Feiler, one of the little diggers at GameDuell.

Gardening in the office? Why not!

The idea of office gardening came quite naturally for GameDuell – the company has been having its own Green Team for quite some time, trying to make the office environment more ecologically friendly. Collaborative office gardening, however, is a fresh new project that is not only supposed to make our city greener, but also the office members healthier. It has been psychologically proven that gardening relieves stress, improves mental health, helps depression, and, most importantly, contributes to peaceful and sociable community-building – which is something that GameDuell has been promoting ever since.

“Here at Gameduell we’re lucky to be having an opportunity of healthy office breaks during the work, which in the end of the day makes us not want to leave it”, Miriam goes on, putting on the gardening gloves. And it’s true – why would you want to escape the office when it has a little oasis of greenery, where you can clear your mind, recapture your breath, and fully re-energize before returning to your responsibilities?

Gardening in the office? Why not!Update: On August 11, 2015, we finally harvested our first tomatoes, which was super exciting for all of us! They were absolutely, fantastically delicious! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we feature our Little Diggers' activity once in a while!

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