Spielwagen and GameDuell meet on a playground

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Spielwagen and GameDuell meet on a playground

Last December, we gave our yearly Christmas donation to Spielwagen e.V. – an organization that puts all its effort into creating individual playground activities across the areas of Friedrichschain-Kreuzberg in Berlin.

With our funds, the Spielwagen e.V. team constructed numerous toy cars and a climbing forest in their workshop together with the local youth during the winter. In May, these constructions were finally rolled out into Berlin playgrounds for the first time. So of course, we went to see for ourselves how the hand-made toys were used in action at one of the Spielwagen’s weekly events. We were happy to witness a fantastic result of cooperation, creativity, and community-building: the children were having lots of fun and their parents couldn’t look any more pleased.

As the name suggests, the Spielwagen team visits Berlin’s playgrounds with their delivery vans to bring their unique handcrafted playthings to children. With the donation from GameDuell, Spielwagen e.V. now can also afford to hire musicians, entertainers, and pedagogues who could work with the kids. As an official organization, Spielwagen e.V. has been existing since 1991, offering various outdoor activities for children, which take place from March to October in Görlitzer Park, Traveplatz, Petersburger Platz, Weberwiese, Boxhagener Platz, and Hohenstaugenplatz.

Spielwagen and GameDuell meet on a playground

For more information about Spielwagen, visit their website (in German).